“ When you are slogging it out to meet official targets, it is the most likely that your health goals go awry by large measures. The abdominal fat, neck pain and stress, these are the common problems every second person working a 9 to 6 job suffers from and does nothing about despite knowing that this can lead to serious health ailments like obesity and diabetes. So, to prevent you from falling prey to health-deteriorating habits, here are some easy tips to help you stay relaxed, happier and healthier at work. ”

Ditch the elevator, Take stairs

If your work schedule is too hectic and you cannot take dedicated time out for a gym, try walking. Do not miss a single chance to walk. If you have a meeting at 2nd floor, take stairs and count your steps to weight loss. Use the digital bathroom scale to keep a tab on weight loss. You can also use fitness bands to encourage yourself. Park your car at least two blocks away and walk to the office. This won’t take more than 5 minutes but can yield great results in your journey towards weight loss and keeping yourself fit.

Manage that craving

The unconscious choices can sabotage your health. So, before you start gorging on chole bathure or the gourmet lunch your company has thrown your way for completing the targets, ask yourself what are you going to do to consume those extra calories? It may sound arduous to plan each and every meal or count calories but it is worth it. No compulsion to eat broccoli or steamed veggies always and missing out on the fun, but it’s good to figure out a way or two to include healthy food to the platter.

Stay hydrated

There are sometimes when we cannot exactly figure out whether we are hungry or thirsty. So, from now on, when you crave for some munchies, try water. Keep some nuts such as cashews and roasted almonds handy to satiate the yearning for salt.

Opt out of chaos

There can be so many things going on for you on work front or at personal level. Those phone calls, several reminders for meetings, the pressure to cut the deal and what not! The key to get through all is to opt out momentarily. For some seconds, black out your mind, close your eyes and take a deep breath. This will give you energy to deal with the pressing situation with refreshed zeal and energy.

Take a break

I know a friend who took two months’ sabbatical to reduce weight and travel. When she returned, she was no longer her cribbing self and was transformed into an energetic, happier and petite diva she was earlier known for. No, I am not telling you to leave your job to get fit but trying to pass on the tempting message. We aren’t advising you to look beyond the corporate life and spend good time to kick start transformation. But yes, you can definitely take that backpack, leave your smartphone at home and to make sure not to look back when you venture to reclaim your life. Indulge in some hobbies and get in touch with your creative side. While it is difficult to take some time out of busy schedules, these tips are easy and quick to follow. With little time management and push, you can lead a healthier lifestyle revolving around your work.