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E-Commerce Services

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Kintu Designs can help you sell online. With our experienced eCommerce web design team we know how to deliver effective eCommerce platforms which drive customers and sales through your store. From developing your site to choosing a payment system and promoting your business, we’ve got it covered.

We’ve helped a variety of retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and service companies deliver Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B).

At Kintu Designs we understand that building an eCommerce website is just one thing, knowing how to market, gain customers and drive online sales is another. With our specialist knowledge, we deliver a full end-to-end solution which includes not only the design and delivery of the eCommerce platform, but also the strategy to succeed in the marketplace.

E-commerce Web Design

Based on your requirements, we work with a number of popular eCommerce platforms and have delivered solutions using Magento eCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify and Drupal Commerce. Each system has its own virtues and we work with you to establish the best solution for your project.

Our eCommerce design team members use their knowledge and empirical understanding of the online space to produce effective eCommerce websites. Our theme developers know: the best place to put purchasing actions such as buy buttons; ways of implementing best-practice use of eCommerce photography; and effective calls to action. All of which are key aspects to creating online success when selling.

Membership Sites and Marketplaces

Deliver a great user experience to your online customers and you’ll deliver great results for your business.

At Lightflows we look at things differently and from many angles. We explore what your customers and visitors want, do, find and interact with on your website. The analysis of business processes in play on your website informs all aspects of the design and delivery. Everything is considered; from the colour of a button, the way a form looks, to the messages in your calls-to-actions. These all contribute to how your customers will interact with your site.

Payment Systems and Gateways

Choosing the right payment system for your new enterprise is essential and there are many new and innovative ways to collect revenues online. Along with the more familiar services such as Paypal, Google Checkout, Sagepay and World pay, there are some new entrants to the market such as Stripe and iZettle. These services are giving ever greater power to individuals and businesses who wish to start selling online.

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