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Mobile Application Development

We’re a mobile app development company with an experienced in-house app design and software development team.

Stuart and his team came to us with a prototype of the management system and the underlying algorithm on Excel spreadsheets. They had taken a further step by initially developing this into a Windows 32 program; the only downside was that ran on outmoded technology which would require customers to install a server in each veterinary practise they wished to use the software in. Our recommendation was to move the system into a cloud based, software as a service (SAAS) offering.

App Consultancy

It all starts with an idea, a business challenge or opportunity. But how do you get started? That’s where Lightflows come in… With our rich history of both app development and the technology which powers them, we advise on the strategic, operational and technical elements of delivering an app.

Mixing our understanding of the marketplace, trends and innovative thinking, we work with you to deliver the perfect experience for your customers. With strong client relationships and a collaborative spirit, we work with you to hone and refine your ideas, advising and overcoming design or technical challenges. Once a plan is established we can produce the necessary specification documents and technical plans required to produce your apps.

App Design

We make beautiful apps that are brilliantly intuitive. Our designers and developers take time to fully understand your target audience and carefully construct the perfect user interface to match their requirements. The Lightflows design team have a keen eye for the latest design trends. We’ll always try and innovate, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. We’re working for you to unlock the best user experience for your customers.

App Development

Web based mobile applications have come a long way. But sometimes you need more than the web can offer. Native apps open up many opportunities to businesses. With two-way communications; the ability to capture, send and receive audio, video and pictures; as well as using the arrays of sensors such as GPS, accelerometers and the compass; apps deliver more.

We work with the major mobile platforms iOS from Apple and Android from Google. And because we develop natively for both iOS and Android, we can deliver a richer experience to your audience. Our apps make optimal use of the device hardware meaning that performance is maximised, providing a better user experience. With the arrival of Apple’s Watch, a whole new world of apps are about to explode on the scene.

ios app

When planning a project with you we’ll advise on the optimum device size for your product. iPhone apps are great for great for customers who are on the move. Morning and daytime usage are highest on mobile devices. At Lightflows we know how to best optimise an iPhone app for the best user experience. Our design and development team have the experience to deliver beautiful looking apps for the older iPhones 4s, 5, 5s, to the newer iPhone models 6, 6 plus, 7.

Android App

iPads, like other tablets, offer a larger screen which works well for applications where more information is required to be shown on screen. iPads are being increasingly used in the workplace over a Wifi connection to remove the need for staff to return to a static desktop terminal.

We know how to deliver beautiful looking functional iPad applications which engage customers, and improve or replace traditional desktop software products.

hybrid app

The Apple Watch represents a whole new world of opportunity for buddy entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. It’s Apple’s first new device since launching the iPad and the opportunities this new category offers are very exciting.

The Watch is the first ‘wearable’ that Apple has introduced and ushers in a whole new range of health and lifestyle applications. It’s produced in two device sizes, 38mm and 42mm, so don’t hesitate in contacting us to see how we can help you add this product to your strategy. As approved Apple Developers, we have our first customers project in development for the Watch.

Content Management System Integration

Apps connect users for sharing photos, videos, messages and more.

If an app or product requires regular management and updating we have a variety of solutions to help. Sometimes a project requires a custom backend or administration interface. In this instance we will usually use Ruby On Rails to build a backend. In some cases though, it can make sense to use an existing off-the-shelf system or product.

We use popular open-source products such as Drupal, Contentful and WordPress; and we can integrate either of these systems with your app. This is particularly beneficial if you’re already using these systems to power your business website. Drupal in particular has strong CMS ability and can integrate with many systems. This can include sending and receiving data to and from an app and also:

  • - User authentication, account updates and approvals
  • - Product and content delivery for apps
  • - Photo sharing, sending and receiving
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