Online marketers of reviews, Indian online sellers

Online marketers of reviews, Indian online sellers

Online marketers of reviews, Indian online sellers

  • Online marketers of reviews, Indian online sellers


Whenever you think of an online marketplace to sell on, one of the first names that appear is Amazon. the biggest online retailer at world has become a hot favorite with sellers since its entry in the Indian market in June 2013.

Here is the breakdown of services Amazon provides

Prices : The following is a summary of Amazon's pricing of the sale and sale of products.

Monthly Subscription Commission : Rs 499.

Closing Cost : Rs 10 charged on every sale you make through them.

Referral Fee / Commission : Varies between 5% and 15% for sale, depending on the product category.

You can check out the detailed prices for Amazon Quiz.

Shipment : A seller has the option of shipping the product to the customer himself, or using the fulfillment from Amazon (FBA) to ship the products.

In the event that sellers signs up for FBA, he is required to store products at various Amazon fulfillment centers. Every time an order from the customer, Amazon packages and ships the product to the customer. The seller is chargeable for the following:

Storage Space : Rs 14.2 per cubic feet per month

Shipment : Rs 40 to Rs 45 for 500 grams

Packaging : Rs 10 to Rs 25 per unit

Tax Delivery Service : 1% of the item value

You can read the detailed pricing card for the Fulfillment by Amazon program here.

Packaging : The packaging material is not provided by Amazon for sellers, a unless they sign up for the FBA. In this case, the packaging is made by Amazon themselves.

The Size Market : Amazon has nearly 10,000 sellers on its market in almost 10 months of operation in India. The site receives almost 10 million visitors unique every month. Offers more than 2 crore products, in addition to 12 million books and 2 million e-books.

Repayment Term : Amazon delivers payments to vendor's bank accounts once each week. A seller has the right to be paid for an order of 7 days after it has been confirmed as shipped.


Another name synonymous with online sales is eBay. The giants of Online retailing was founded in 1995 and took only 10 years to enter the Indian market, in 2005. One of the main differences between eBay and other markets is that you have two options while prices for your products. You can list a fixed price for a product or choose a standard auction price. You can select a minimum bid amount and also a final date for the auction. The highest bidder at the end of the auction arrives to purchase the product.

Prices :  Price structure on eBay is a bit more complicated and varies depending from many factors. Here is a brief of the various rights that a seller incurs on eBay.

Subscription Fee : On eBay, you can choose to be a subscriber shop not or a subscriber (3 different floors). They avail themselves benefits depending on which one you are writing for. Here are the rates for the different plans available on eBay.

Store Base :  Rs 499 per month

Store in the Window :  Rs 1.999 per month

In the Shop :  Rs 3999 per month

Insertion Fee : To list a product on your store, you pay a list fee. The first 100 products have no listing fees for each seller. After that, the rates applied are as follows.

PaisaPay Fee :  every sale made through eBay will be charged 4.5% as the PaisaPay fees. Also, on this PaisaPay fee (only amount of the interest, not the total sales value), 12.36% service fee is also applicable.

Final Value Commission: To every product that you sell, it will also be charged commissions on final value. It is a percentage of the total sales value. This it varies between 1% and 7%, depending on the type of product being used selling.

Shipping : sellers eBay too they have the option to ship the products themselves, or use eBay 'Powership' shipping solution.

Unlike Amazon, eBay has no fulfillment center physical in which a seller can store the products. Once the seller packs the products himself, the representatives of the eBay logistics partners take the order from the seller. The package is then delivered to the customer.


Snapdeal is a site of daily offers turned online market which started 4 years ago. Its huge increase in recent years has seen increasing a huge amount of investment to finance further growth. Here is a review of the services that provides sellers to sell their products on their own platform.

Prices : Snapdeal it is another market that believes in a price structure based on performance for its sellers. Here's what everyone gets paid for in Snapdeal sale case.

Registration Fee : Nil. There is no subscription fee or list applied by Snapdeal.

List Tax : Nil. There is no fee for listing your products on Snapdeal.

Sales Success Commission :  if Snapdeal does not allow anyone to share rates exact commission, they usually charge between 4% and 20% for each successful sale through them. Rates are similar to those offered by ShopClues.

Shipping : To a Snapdeal seller, it is mandatory to use the services of theirs logistics partners. The seller must keep the order packed and the courier parts collect them from the seller and deliver it to the customer.

Shipping Costs : The exact rates are not made public, but they are about Rs 40 for every 0.5 Kg shipment. This cost is inclusive of all shipping costs.

Snapdeal also offers its sellers an innovative tool evasion of orders named SafeShip, which they can use to monitor and manage their orders easily. Recently, they opened the SafeShip service for rival e-commerce companies to use as good.

The Market Size : Snapdeal is one of the largest e-commerce operators in India, with more of 4 Crore + registered users. There are more than 10 million products up for sale by more than 60,000 sellers.

You can read more about SafeShip; Here.


Flipkart is the success story of the Indian eCommerce industry. The 7 year old company is the largest eCommerce startup in India and is has become a household name in the country.
It is aimed at a large number of sellers and buyers and offers services of wonderful, who has seen his rocket reputation in recent years. Here's how the market fits in the different parameters.

Prices : Flipkart is another market that follows the price structure based on the performance. Here is a breakdown of the expenses that must be borne on Flipkart as a seller.

Registration Fee : Nil. There is no subscription fee involved in selling your products on Flipkart.

List Tax : Nil. There is no payment to list your products on Flipkart.

Commission : Flipkart it also maintains confidentiality regarding rates exact commission that they charge on each product. The charges vary between 4% and 20% for each successful sale through them and many sellers get personalized rates depending on the quantity of sales that guarantee.

Shipping :  To transportation, Flipkart uses its own Ekart logistics service. It is mandatory for sellers to use the services even when the shipment of orders to customers. It is the seller's responsibility for the packaging of the order and keep it ready for the representatives of courier, which they collect from the seller.

Once, the exact rates are not disclosed by Flipkart, but the rates shipping costs are about Rs 35 per 0.5 kg expressed through Ekart.

Packaging Flipkart usually does not provide packaging material for his sellers. But in some rare cases, if a large amount of orders is guaranteed by a seller, Flipkart provides the material.

Refund Term :  The payment cycle in Flipkart for sellers is different for the two different levels of sellers. All new sellers start like Tier-2 sellers. Once the seller completes a month on Flipkart with a minimum of 30 transactions, is considered a Tier-1 seller. However, for this to happen, a defect settlement rate less than 5% must be maintained. If you shoot more than 5%, lo Tier-1 seller status is reported to the situation prior to Tier-2.

The payment times for the different levels are:

Tier-1 Seller :  The payment cycle for all salespeople 1 is shipping Date + 5 working days.

Tier-2 Seller :  The payment cycle for all tier-2 sellers is shipping Date + 10 working days. 

The Market Size :  Flipkart has a relatively low number of sellers compared to his competitors, with around 3,000 active sellers on the market. It's due to the on boarding policy of sellers after a quality check.Still rigorous of the company, was the first Indian eCommerce company to touch $ 1 billion in sales earlier this year.

Packaging : The packing material is provided for Snapdeal sellers at a additional cost. The packing material is charged at Rs 3 per every order.

Refund Term :  The seller is paid for a successful order within 3 weeks from the shipping date.

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