Magento Vs Shopify [Infographics]

  • Magento Vs Shopify [Infographics]

Choosing the right e-commerce platform is the first step towards the prospects of your e commerce business. A lot depends on what your expectations are in terms of setting up your ecommerce store, (that ideally includes inventory and order management, capturing payments, shipping, along with customer targeting & services), and what features are...

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HTML5 Tools

  • HTML5 Tools

Application Frameworks Backbone gives you a minimalist, un-opinionated structure to web applications by providing models, collections and views and connects it all to your existing REST API. Ember.js takes a different approach, offering a highly structured, convention over-configuration approach to web development that borrows heavily fro...

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Facebook Marketing and Business

  • Facebook Marketing and Business

“ If you’re looking for a general overview of how to use Facebook to help your business grow, these fundamentals will set you up for success. You can also focus your activity on Facebook to meet specific business goals. ” Create the hub for your business on Facebook Discoverable : When people search for you on Facebo...

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