Yii Framework

PHP programming language is at its peak for the past couple of years and it reached its credibility because of its positive performance and relaxed flexibility. Coming from the same house, Yii framework is also getting its credibility as it is a free open source web apps development framework with clean design. It is a component based application development framework where the developers can easily customize based on their requirements.

Why Yii Framework?

Yii development framework has many advantages over other frameworks and here are some of the highlights of this wonderful framework.

  • Yii framework is suitable for any type of project, say it a small or a large project.
  • Yii framework comes packed with tools to test and debug with clear and neat documentation.
  • Yii framework is lightweight and comes with caching solutions.
  • Yii framework is suitable for building high traffic applications.
With Yii application framework, what we do at Kintu Solutions?

Kintu Solutions always practices to be the best at what we do and we do the same with Yii framework. We have a team of qualified PHP developers who have a hand full of experience in developing complicated projects with ease. We are proud to say we are the best and here are some reasons to justify it.

  • Our works are of high performance and the end product is a secured application.
  • We believe in uniting the worlds of technology with ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • We have delivered hundreds of applications in no span of time.
  • The output we deliver is of high quality and we do the same on time.
  • We never restrict in delivering quality products and we never compromise on our work.