CakePHP is an open source framework based from the core PHP framework and MVC architecture. MVC architecture mainly focus on model, view and controller of the particular project to provide logical separation of code from the end user. Here are some of the highlighted features that states why CakePHP development is preferred leaving other frameworks behind.

  • The database is easy to use and the coding is also less.
  • Database authorization and authentication is inbuilt.
  • Validation features are also inbuilt.
  • It is an Object Relational Mapping framework.
  • It comes with flexible ACL and caching.
Our core CakePHP services:

CakePHP development is leading the race and promising to be the best for PHP web based applications. We, at Kintu  Solutions, have a team of trained and experienced CakePHP developers who are best at HTML5, PHP, CSS3, JS and more. Our developers are updated and can perform any task in developing project using CakePHP framework.

  • CakePHP web application development
  • CakePHP marketplace development
  • CakePHP job portal development
  • CakePHP eCommerce development
  • Custom web application development
  • Web portals development
  • Web 2.0 content management system
Why choose Kintu Solutions?
  • We are a team of 60+ trained professionals.
  • Our technical expertise is strong and knowledgeable.
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