Bootstrap is a collection of tools or a toolkit, used for developing websites and web applications. It consists of CSS and HTML based design templates that enable you to create interface components like typography, navigation, grids, forms, layouts, alerts, tables, charts, buttons, forms, popovers, etc. Bootstrap is created mainly for modern browsers and used to build websites and applications that work perfectly on all modern browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Also, Bootstrap supports responsive designs i.e. the graphic design of web pages automatically gets adjusted based on the characteristics of the device used to view the website.

Why to use Bootstrap?

Here are some of the primary points that justifies why to use bootstrap.

  • Bootstrap has built with flexible pre-processor and hence it provides more power and flexibility when compared to regular CSS.
  • Bootstrap is easy to implement and it supports Compiling Less accomplishment through JavaScript.
  • Bootstrap doesn’t contain any superfluous JavaScript, Flash or images after the compilation has done.
Why Kintu Solutions?

Kintu Solutions has a team of skilled web developers who are expertise in building responsive websites for our clients. We use bootstrap tools for creating websites and web applications as we provide our clients with an efficient responsive website that works well on any device.
Almost all our clients require unique web designs that are compatible with all devices. That’s why we choose bootstrap for developing all new applications and websites that help our clients across the world to reach their customers with multiple devices of varied sizes.