IT Consulting

Many startups and mid-level companies struggle hard to create a perfect business structure to generate valuable profits along with brand awareness. Because of not having a proper structure and work flow, many companies lands in a huge loss and sometime terminate the company. This is the scenario where IT consulting plays a major role in handling things right from the setup to the deployment and maintenance.

We are a leading web and mobile apps development company having an expertise team to handle and deliver critical projects with case. Not only in development, they are also expert in providing IT consulting for firms of various levels right from the startups to enterprises.

What we offer at Kintu Solutions (not limited to)?
  • We provide solution for new functionality in the system for better customer service management or operation management
  • To understand the new business requirement and prepare Business Requirement Document / Requirement Definition Document
  • We provide market research analysis report to understand the primary business mode and also, to understand the competitors marketing structure